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A couple of links regarding the display of photography.

The first relates to photobooks and the second to exhibitions.

These are good reminders to keep thinking beyond the click.


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The Collectible Moment.

Catalogue of photographs in the Norton Simon Museum. A strange book in some ways a snapshot of a fashion in photography. Many strong images but of a time. Before colour. Documents. Certain styles. Time has moved on from many. Left them behind. Somehow idealistic, engaged in the world but a little existential. Very 60’s if that means anything. The clothes & the approach. They sit together but there’s too much that doesn’t interest me and not enough by photographers that do interest me?? Why don’t they interest me? psychedelia? approaches that are clich├ęs. Now or always were so. Things that do not connect with me. Art for arts’ sake. Painterly elements? Is it the way they are displayed in the book…too little space for the images to breath? Crammed together….smearing into one mood? There are lots of fine images in here and names to explore, but not to view here……

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Exercise: Evidence of action

Narrative and evidence of action. Do all pictures show evidence of action. Of narrative? That something has happened. Its degrees? Its intent? These are always the questions. What do we want to say express. What do we want to leave unsaid? Is this picture of evidence of action???? Something might or might not have happened…………………….Every picture is evidence of action. Even if the only action is the pressing of the shutter?

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