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Exercise: Rain


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Exercise: Juxtaposition

I found something difficult about this exercise. Just getting my head around the ideas we are trying to cover here, while creating something interesting, while creating something that I can relate to.  Maybe I make life too complex for myself. Trying to sum up a book in the relationship between two or three elements seems kind of crass, too literal. It’s also the mood of the book that sticks with me. Less physical? Although not my favourite book I felt I could catch something of Lowry’s book with the things I had around me. I tried a number of set ups. Variations. But settled on this one in the end. While setting up the photo on a page as a front cover I felt as if it was lacking something. Punch? How many books have just a simple photograph on the front. There is usually a design element beyond the photograph, which I tried to add here. The use of colour. Simple shapes. The circle a reduction of the crater. the sun. blood, fate? It makes for a stronger image. Instant but with added layers. Does such malipulation still count as photography? If i say so?

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Exercise: Evidence of action

Narrative and evidence of action. Do all pictures show evidence of action. Of narrative? That something has happened. Its degrees? Its intent? These are always the questions. What do we want to say express. What do we want to leave unsaid? Is this picture of evidence of action???? Something might or might not have happened…………………….Every picture is evidence of action. Even if the only action is the pressing of the shutter?

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Exercise: A Narrative Picture Essay

The images are simple. Apple eating. Segments. Chopping. Remains. I added a few details of thought. Combine image and word. They relate to each other. I enjoy laying things out, although not all areas are as successful as I would have liked. I laid the images out as three pages. In that lay out the last pages didn’t seem as dynamic. However as laid out here on the blog the images have more interplay. It works better. Laying things out on the computer there is a lack of sense of scale. To actually feel the page as A4 or A3. To realise the size of the images in relation to the physical. To see at as relationships, not as a screen based structure.

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Plans that don’t work out as one thing but as another. Play. Things you stubble across. Pushing things. Processes to see what will happen what will emerge.

These images didn’t work out for the assignment but I like them, their strange charm.

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Exercise: Concentrating Light

Concentrating light/excluding/including/manipulating/casting shadows/highlighting.

Dappled. Sun through leaves. Speckles of low winter light. Focusing.

Invent. Use card and furniture to block the light from areas.

The light through a half open door.

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Exercise: Contrast and shadow fill.

It runs like this:

Light/Light+diffuser/Light + white reflector/

Light + white reflector close/Light + silver reflector/Light + black reflector/

Light + gold reflector/ Light+ diffuser+white reflector/Light+diffuser+white reflector close/

Light + diffuser+silver/Light+diffuser + black reflector/Light + diffuser + gold reflector/

Fill Light.


Colour variations:


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Exercise: The lighting angle.

I did as requested. Circling the subject at one level and then from above…….. Different degrees on angle. New relationships between light and subject and camera…..

First four level: front/side/behind and side/behind.

Second four above by 45% (approx): front/side/behind and side.

Last three above: behind/direct/forward.

The most 3D seems to be 45% above behind and side. Here the clues that allow us to register the depth are most present. The highlights and the shadows.

I should have continued this exercise around the object. To navigate it with light. To see the changes along the whole figure.

My favourite? I like them as a whole. The light changes the atmosphere of the object. Things are erased and underscored. The mood of the object changes. The atmosphere. The eyes coming and going. The belly, the hips, the head, the breasts, the arm, the whole. What is this shot about? What do I want it to be about? Intention……..

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Exercise: Softening the light

These images were taken with light and camera the same. The only difference is that in the second a translucent screen has been introduced between the object and the light. The first has a greater range of light.  Dense and solid. Hard lines. The second is softer. Not as harsh.  With this the highlights and shadows have more detail. The shadow in the first is quite intense and becomes almost another subject. This creates a different dynamic. The eye moves between the two points. The second is less dynamic??? A single point??? Which do I prefere? They both have a different feeling. Drama vs Deadpan? Crunch vs Soft? Right now I think soft and deadpan is my favourite of the two. i am sure this will change…………………

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Exercise: Outdoors at night

Some of these images are more successful than others. They fit together. They have something for me. e.g. the gate way/the stairwell/the post boxes/the shadows of branches. Why? this is the magic and mystery of an urban night. Of questions and shadows and the outside looking in. Like the door way with switches/window with plant/green door. Others alone. Like the ceiling of the office. Like the crane with lines. Although perhaps they fit in the two previous sets? The urban nighttime blur seems to need a punchline. To smash into something, the red of brakes into the red of the wool suit window?. Or to be more abstract. Reduce the world to blurred lines.

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