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Exercise: Rain


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Notebook No. 12

I have received my box from the OCA, books and papers. Its exciting and scary, but  I am very happy with the course notes and supporting materials, they are professional and supportive. Not sure what I was expecting. It seems a little overwhelming but its a matter of working through the steps and notes. Contacted my tutor. Check. Set-up blog. Check. Reading materials requested from library. Check.   And now its time to work through the book, make a start…….

I am unsure on how to progress with my learning log. The online blog seems a convenient way to process my work and allow
my tutor to access my thoughts and ideas, and a chance to learn about blogs and websites. However I seem to spend so much time in front of a computer screen work/Lightroom etc etc its good to work in other ways. The analogue versions have their own joys and physicality, the feeling of a book, the paper, the freedom to operate outside digital parameters, and the learning curves that often accompany them, losing sight of the actually creation of things in learning new programs. Both have their merits and problems. For now I will work with both methods and see how they pan out. It maybe that I neglect one later, or use the paper version for notes and ideas and copy them up here later. Will have to see.

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