Photographic Memory

The album in the age of photography.
A frustrating book. A peek at some great archives. Collections you won’t get to see. Also not enough. More to explore. The personal. I would like to see more personal albums. The unknowns. An examination of the forgotten. How they work outside the art world. This is what an album kind of means to me. Aren’t the others something else? Archives for those we’ve read about. Preparations for books. And so the ones I love are the personal or not yet seen. A moleskin with army portraits. Goldberg’s Guest Register. For its flow, for his development and movement. Freedom. Wanting to be in touch. Close/personal/human. The space of Duane Michals pages. The W. Eugene Smith pages. Cause I want to explore all those pages. The Family Album of Daniel Joseph Lyon. All the colour. The life. Personal & strong. The Locust Album. For its strange colours and atmosphere.
What about the culture of the album?Their progress through history? The changes it has gone through. Fashions.
Ok the opening chapter covers some of these areas but somehow it doesn’t extend through the book. Well for me anyway.
Ideas of display and production. And fading and discolouration. Inspiring. The physical. The object. The life of objects. Brought into existence and progressing through life on their own.

Perhaps this is all a reminder.
The electronic is not enough.


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