Exercise: The lighting angle.

I did as requested. Circling the subject at one level and then from above…….. Different degrees on angle. New relationships between light and subject and camera…..

First four level: front/side/behind and side/behind.

Second four above by 45% (approx): front/side/behind and side.

Last three above: behind/direct/forward.

The most 3D seems to be 45% above behind and side. Here the clues that allow us to register the depth are most present. The highlights and the shadows.

I should have continued this exercise around the object. To navigate it with light. To see the changes along the whole figure.

My favourite? I like them as a whole. The light changes the atmosphere of the object. Things are erased and underscored. The mood of the object changes. The atmosphere. The eyes coming and going. The belly, the hips, the head, the breasts, the arm, the whole. What is this shot about? What do I want it to be about? Intention……..


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Filed under Exercise, Jan 2012

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