Light, science & magic Pt. 6

Now on to new dimensions. Depth. This is not just combining the elements from before. New techniques. Visual clues toward the 3D. Essential clues. Perspective distortion. Tonal variation.

Perspective distortion: That something near is large. Far away small. Converging lines. Our angle of view can be used to control and influence this. Closer = more distortion. Farther = less.

Tonal variation: Highlights/shadows/mid tones.

We usually have small lights. Easier to carry. Cheaper. Reflectors and diffusers etc all change the size of the light. The light source is increased.  Thus a softer shadow. Outside overcast days diffuse the light too.

Large sources become small sources if they are far away. The sun. Lights too. The angles that are created by large and small lights make the difference to the lighting. Small lights creat angles that are more direct.

Large ones emit rays in many direction. Thus a softer shadow. A light far away also does the same.  “The closer we move a light to a subject, the larger that light source becomes in relation to it.

The reflections of rooms can creat effects that seem to conflict this idea.



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