Exercise: Cloudy Weather and Rain

Two sets of pictures. One each in sun. The other cloudy. The Sun making the shadows strong and clear. The kettle against the door. In the B&W this adds interest. It makes the cloth more physical. Stronger lines. In the colour images there is more variety in the colours. From the highlights to the shadows. I am not sure if this makes the image a success through. There are burnt out areas. The light has a different quality. Whiter? The cloudy colour image has stronger colours. The range between light and shadow is less. There are less burnt areas. The colours change. The banana is greener. Looks less ripe?

Images flatten. They become painterly, slightly unnerving. Lacking the clues we are usually presented with in images. Colours become saturated. Darker heavier. The cloudy sky makes a neutral background. A space. A place to display objects and forms?

Rain dislocates. Changes the usual. Liquifies? Reflects. Makes solid surfaces move. Throws people out of routines. Mists. Blurs of movement. Wet hair. Rain is not all the same. It has as many qualities as the sun. As the open sky, as the cloud. Don’t ignore any.

It’s useful to be able to predict these changes, how they will work in our surroundings. In the images we wish to make.


The weather should not stop play. Keep looking. Moments come and go with new lights and shadows and atmospheres.


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Filed under Exercise, Jan 2012

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