Light, Science & Magic Pt 4.

Taking photographs of paintings/illustrations/photographs we need diffuse light. Diffuse reflections are good at revealing colours and values of the original image. Not the surface. Can we take thus further and suggest diffuse light therefore creates less form. That it flattens images? Direct reflections will cause glare and reflections. Place light and camera outside the family of angles. Distance between subject. The angle of the lens. These elements all change relationships within the family of angles.
45 degrees often provide good results. ESP when light is distant from subject. A distant light also provides even illumination. If the light is close to the subject it will illuminate some areas more than others. Others light may help balance it but distance provides better illumination. However it is not always an option.
If we are unable to fix lights outside the family of angles we can also polarizers. It is not perfect but can provide solutions


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