Exercise: Light through the day

At first I thought that the pictures would be uninteresting. The light is low and wintry and the light does not seem to change so very much. The exercise asks for a sunny day. That this kind of light would give the most dynamic changes. Would reveal all the degrees that light goes through during the day. However I wanted to get on with the exercise and I took the photographs. I was glad I did because even in this light there are changes. There are variations and differences. When light is more dramatic/dynamic the changes are perhaps more obvious. So it is still good to see the changes here.  The photos don’t really show the qualities of shadow but the change of light is evident. I also made a separate set of images, the evening light the changes in the last hour or so. The light changes rapidly……

Which are the best?  In these images my favourites are those which allow the building to stand out against the window pane. That it provides a contrast to the foreground. But there are other qualities of some of the lights that are interesting to me…the blues of some the greys of others…..in somes the building has more depth. The circles of turbine seem to be deep, in others flat. I will try to take more street level photographs……watch the shadows move across the ground and watch the qualities change.


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