Exercise: Measuring Exposure Pt1.

Took four images which are lighter or darker than the average reading.

The image of the brick wall through the window was made darker. The average  was too light the wall was not bleached out as the darkness of the room made the reading low.

It changed the image. The wall was reduced and the elements of wall and window did not sit together and it became more about room and window than window and wall.

The shirt worked the other way round. I made the image brighter to reduce the world outside to light. The world outside was distracting. The shirt disappeared. This is now shirt and light. The elements that attracted me.

The goggles and pipe average removed the effect of the light. That little glow at the back. The little warm shaft of light was lost. I made the image dark and the  light stands out. It still exists.

The last image I made lighter than the average. It lifts the image. It makes it glow and lifts the idea of it. Does this make sense? The light is a different thing (spiritual). Light seems to come out of it? Others suck the light in?. A contrast with an ordinary subject.


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