The book of an exhibition. This was a tour around the fenland in the footsteps of an author (Sebald). A rule & idea to hang an exhibition on.

Mixed media: film/photography/paint/object\text.

Layers of psychogeography. Sections that remind me of Iain Sinclair.

Atmosphere. All is water. The
Land and sky and river. Damp moist. Transitional. Bringing to mind the underworld. The watery gates. The ferry man. The throwing of offering to the pool, to the bog. The looking glass.

Marcus Coates.

Cases of bittens. The dead. Corpses. Repeated forms. A song in honour. The absent boom.

Tacita Dean.
A film portraits of Michael Hamburger. Poet. Only stills in the book. Back lite subjects. Bleached out light. Dark shadows. Apples. Sad colours. Autumnal. Earthy. Earth of the past. Of death. Damp & cold. The rooms of the recently dead. House clearance. Hamburger died soon after the film was completed. Hinterlands.

Alec Finlay & Guy Moreton’s Sunken Bell.

Looking at the disappearing Suffolk coastline. The town of Dunwich falling into the sea. The church gone. Myths of bells in the sea still ringing.
Finlay replicates tabs for church bells. Rounds. Lines of dots. Like punched cards for proto-computers.
Moreton photographs marshes. Rising water. Cold diffuse light. Wintry anaemic grasses. Rotting greens. Water and sky: grey patches. The land eroding. A landscape inundated by the grey substance.

Alexander & Susan Maris: Silentium.
From the stills it seems similar in tone to the Moreton’s photographs. Grey and damp. Watery. But here the lines are harsher, more defined. Same atmosphere but the land is stronger or even advancing. Ranks of reed and willow.

Simon Pope.
Paintings of trees covered in funereal blacks. Images covered. The forests gone. Memorials to long destroyed landscapes. Photographs of trees. Wintry leave stripped. Skeletal arms. Decay. Matter left behind.




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