Preparing Assignment 3

I started trying to keep complete notes on making these images. Images in your own space are easier to control and to consider. To notice all the points of thought. Of consideration. Of choices. Those outside otherwise. In other words I wasn’t successful. But I did try to pay attention and to remember.

The first image somehow seemed obvious to me. Those colours. I chose not to include the face as it didn’t seem important in this image. But the neck? Yes. Human. It makes questions and we search for answers about the person. Everything came quickly with this image. The scarf grew out of the first picture. Had been another option for the first picture. It took a number of arrangements to create a form I was happy with. That seemed interesting. The swirls and twists. The red circle. Household sculpture. The combination. Elements excluded by positioning. The circle extending beyond the frame. It has a graphic quality. Thick plasticky colours. Bright and unnatural. Other images here also come from the domestic but also I wanted to explore. Images came across randomly along walk across north London. Some areas seem dead for images. Others don’t work. Things I can’t reposition. Things I though I saw but didn’t. The red door. I made photos that included the other edge. On the other side of the food. These images seemed out of balance and the door didn’t have same pull. The red wall seemed to have many tones. The colours were beautiful and I didn’t want to include other elements. I chose this bit of the wall to give some physical range in the image, the curves of the building. The lines across the middle with its slightly unsettling angles. The dappled light coming through the trees.  The sector of yellow against the blue. Again graphic qualities. A reduction to the two colours and the shades tones and shades of these colours, esp the yellow which goes through a number of changes. The two colours have a similar quality. almost acidic. Bright. Quite cold. An abstraction it could be many things. The subject is just the colour and the curve of that white line. The kazoo was on another plug but the position was not so open. I don’t know why it interested me. Strange and ordinary perhaps. The combination, the random alignment. (even though it was moved and positioned, the two things came together in such a way). Now perhaps I realise I missed the position of the switch as it was in the found position. The cup and pear involved a number of attempts to refine the image. I tried a number of positions and techniques. I nearly gave up with it. Nothing seemed to work. In the end I tried a new position, a new angle which captured the light coming through the window. It seemed to be outside conscious thought. The two colour accent images the torn poster and the image of a citrus flesh photo on a green wall seem to fit together. The sets of colours the two orangey elements, the quality of the blue and green. The torn poster has lots of textural details. The lines under the poster…..from left to right. The word new. The citrus picture on the wall is textures in the light. The colours of the two elements are quite sickly there is something nauseating about the colours and the fleshy swirls.  Always carry your camera. The picture of the chairs in the coffee shop was something I came across quite randomly. Everyday in a place and you don’t notice things. But when the light or alignment is right the curves of the seat and the colours seem something of interest. They have a sadness in their neutrality, in their corporate identity, in their emptiness. Goldfish. Again a stumbled across thing. A sudden realisation. A fake natural scene, a construction of  a wildlife photo. The positioning of the towel and curtain took sometime. Ideas grew and reflected towards what I wished to construct. Domestic reef photography? Some of these more graphic pieces. Seem to be a reaction to the construction of Albers and reactions to those. Not pure colour work, but in that kind of area??? The graphic quality I’ve mentioned here. The yellow triangle is part of these theme. Basic colour interaction?? I saw some images by Jerry McMillan it inspired me to try something in colour surrounding this work. The geometric shapes. The crinkled paper. I lifted the triangle and created a shadow across the page, to creat a direction and interest. I took a long exposure of the image. The corner of the triangle had moved. But I like the way it undercuts the crispness of the rest of the triangle. As if it dissolves. a change in texture…. The red twine was found in this position, it was close to the red door. The same road. Was somehow more aware of these colours on this stretch of the walk. Another of positions were attempted. The light fell on the plastic and made a bright glowing form. The light highlighting. The light giving this object importance/power. Like an icon? Although I took the photograph of the supermarket corner at home it didn’t interest me at first. I guess something in it still attracted me as I worked on it and found away into this image. To make it work for me. The colours drew together and the image became strong/stronger? Work. The yellow box corner comes under the graphic theme…. the colours are strong and powerful. I love the way it almost glows. The little tones achieved by the distribution of light.


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