Miranda July

It was suggested that I look at the work of Miranda July but somehow I don’t think of her as a photographer. I found a series of her dressed as background characters from movies. Dressing as extras. A post modern look at forgotten background figures. Bringing them into focus

I know her work more from other areas. Punk rock beginnings. The Kill Rock Stars records, social centre performances, music and literature.

With photography I think her most interesting work is not the pictures she takes but the ones she generates and collects, enables and suggests.
Acting as a curator. Gathering.


It seems to me that these elements share a perspective. A point of view. An examination of the ordinary. Of the basic and the forgotten. The magic and tragedy of everyday life. Looking at the small details. The special moments. (How is it possible to be ordinary and special? They seem as if they should be exclusive, that they should not share the same space). A generous and inclusive vision of the world. Of people and lives.

Too much importance on nothing?

The macro. The micro. There is a tension and a liberation in this view. These moments are poetic and can be full of meaning. That are not trapped in the local. A training of the eye. Beauty and mystery everywhere (?).


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