Exercise: Colours into tones in black-and-white

I made a still life constructed out of torn/cut pages. I took one photograph of the set up and then processed the images. I increased the grey scale sliders for the appropriate colours while trying to keep the rectangle of grey neutral and then collected the images together. I included a copy of the image in colour and then a straight change to b&w. The various mixes of colour transform the images. The most obvious is the red where the coat transforms from grey to almost white. in the other images other areas are highlighted. As the appropriate colour in the mix is increased the segment of the image lightens to some extent. This all brings transformations to the image…drawing the eye to different elements, or clarifying them. In some ways they reproduce elements of historical film types that were blue and infra-red sensitive, these sensitivities formed some of the characteristics of early photographs. The usual example is lack of textural variation in the sky, often rendered almost white.

To make the image again I would have created more interplay between the levels. I would also need to consider the background/lighting combination, there is a reflection which detracts, a lighter background might have rendered a better image.


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Filed under Exercise, October 2011

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