Colour Relationships

I find the first two combinations of colours strongest, although the ratios seem to be correct violet and yellow….or these shades of violet and yellow are somehow unpleasant….they perhaps have a relationship to each other but not to me. I think the orange and blue is my favourite. Textures and shades. The detail on the orange tape and the lines on the poster behind. Although these are abstracted. The way the colours combine in this image is attractive to me. It draws me in.

All my colours here seem cool. This is not always the way. There are moments and lights that draw you in. That are attractive. Somehow there is always an element of the colour muted. They are not bright. At times saturated. I often find that I combine colours of a similar hue. That they are often close to each other. Variations on a theme?


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Filed under Exercise, September 2011

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