“The Photograph as Contemporary Art” Ch4 & Ch5.

Chapter 4: Looks at the everyday object in photography. Things transformed from insignificance to an image, to art. They are transformed just by the act of being photographed. Through choices of treatment. Through changes in print, scale and environment. Part still life/part found object/part sculpture. Asks questions…how did this come about? why are we looking at this? DIY sculpture, caught moments, random positions fixed and installed w/ significance. The techniques and treatments transform. Can be constructed or found. Places/things/moments.

“attempt in subtle ways to shift our perception of our daily life”.

“a pictorial charge”

“photographs take our familiarity w/ everyday sights and invite us to think about the way we see and experience our environments, offering a rich and imaginative glimpse of the world around us”


Chapter 5: Narratives of the domestic and of intimate life. Confessional/diarist. Elevated family photos? Using the aesthetic of the family photo. consciously or not. The aesthetic suggests closeness/intimacy. but also not too close. An element of the universal. Although the look is used photos at odds with the holidays and weddings, the happy moments of the family album. Under cut? enriched by the taboo, the mundane. Or perhaps just other kinds of family, other relationships. Moments of importance. Different importances. Mundane to some? Taboo to some?

Work is supported by the artist’s history. It supports the sense of closeness of the insider’s view. That they develop from the personal rather than the professional. They are not the photo of voyeurs? The amateur. Even if the amateur knows the rules of the genre and plays with them. Or replaces the taboo or mundane with persona’s or projections.  Images can be made that no longer ape or come out of the family photo. That include or use the intimacy, the closeness to gain more conscious? images. More posed, less snapshot. And can add layers of meaning to the investigation by playing with history and memory. By layers images combining with extensions of the family. Photographs from family albums, maps, notes, landscapes. The vision of the intimate can be groups of friends, family, solo, even landscape work……………


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