Primary & Secondary Colours

Colours are maddening. they appear and disappear. They change so rapidly and have relationships outside of your control. One section of something may seem correct but the surface varies with the movement of light, with the still light on different levels of the surface. There are so many shades of colour. In one object….in the world. Greens…. almost greys/almost blues/ lush dark heavy greens so many tiny steps in variation. Areas of confusion. over laps. The colour wheel needs a little motion to blur it. We simplify and reduce colour. Too varied to name. A filtering down. It’s a red. What kind of red? It’s a blue. Or is it green. Subjective? Attempts to match the primary colours seem doomed to failure. Esp. addressing “natural” colours. These attempts to match a colour remind and reveal the differences. You think you have found the colour but position them side by side they are very different. Its quite a challenge to the mind, noticing the fine degrees and variations, the way in which colour expands during this examination of colour.

It is possible to control the strength of  colour by manipulating the exposure, but there are limits to the changes that can be introduced in this way.


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Filed under Exercise, September 2011

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