I have spent the last week trying to work on images to accompany an article on the Heygate Estate, a soon to be demolished housing near the Elephant and Castle. It has been interesting working to somebody elses brief. Attempting to find the elements they want to display. And working in this environment. Out and about. Ghostly and peaceful. Learning about the place. Watching things develop over time and discovering what interests me there. Inhabiting the space. Trying to move from a slight feeling that you are using the environment. Becoming comfortable. Trying not to do disaster porn. Not sure if I have succeeded. But it’s a learning experience. Trying to be still and not move so fast. Think. Not sure if any of the images will be used. Moving from the form of the building to details. The negotiation between what they want and what I find interesting, what I want to take pictures of.

Trying colour and b&w. And having them work as groups attached together. Rather than single images. Groups. Possibilities for repetitions/rhythms/contrasts/multiple viewpoints.


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Filed under August 2011, Thoughts

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