Exercise: Control the strength of a colour

I made a series of pictures with a set speed and with different aperture settings. Watching the quality of the colour change. The object is the same throughout. I find it difficult to describe the changes. What exactly are the terms I require? Words you hear but have not defined. Vague notions of what things mean. The 3 words that describe the qualities of colour are Hue, Brilliance and Saturation. I am trying to define these ideas in my head. They are the terms I need to describe colour.

The Hue is the red or green or yellow or……of something?

Brilliance is the lightness/darkness of the colour? This seems quite close to saturation but different? Just how is difficult to define. Or perhaps its just that they cross over they interact together? Also sometimes called value. A scale of colour from its darkness to lightest?

Saturation is the purity of the colour…also intensity. Intensity makes more sense to me. The strength of the colour. So it would be possible to have something that’s bright and intense/saturated? As well as dark and intense…….saturted colours have a thickness/a richness/are deep?? But only up to a point.

The hue is the red of the jacket? This does not change, the jacket is still the same? Brilliance/brightness? It changes the quality of the colour. In the images above the brilliance of the colour decreases? While the saturation seems to increase… the colours become richer, more intense, almost thicker.

I also made an extended version of this series which seems to suggest that saturation is eventually decreases by reduction of brightness/exposure. Here the reds almost become another colour, becoming muddy, moving towards purple and perhaps concluding in black.I think I understand these concepts in some ways, yet they remain quite ethereal. This page is useful.


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