I am about to start the colour section of TAOP. I am looking fwd to this section but also a little nervous too. I have always produced colour images but I don’t feel comfortable with it elements. It seems alien and hard to control. Aren’t form and frame? It is another element to get to grips with to think about. Another layer. And I am often drawn to b&w images. Removing problems of colour (lazyness? lack of attention to detail? that b&w has its own joys and advantages) . It is perhaps too easy with the digital darkroom to move through a range of looks. Perhaps if we see the image before we should not need to “fix” or choose later? Colour can add much and add nothing or subtract. It becomes a convention both colour and b&w, orthodoxies and reactions against them. we should ask why colour? why monochrome? Colour can be beautiful, with magic, emotion, and poetry. And hopefully this section can provide tools to help me to use colour when I want to. To increase my palette of techniques.

Am now starting the section on colour. I have read through the resources that are available to download.


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