David Goldblatt at the V&A

B&W images of South Africa. Powerful images. A wide range of subjects examine S.A. society. Every level. Some seem just to record, while others critic society. subtlety and directly. Comparisons of churches, plots of land laid out for new homes, roads and toilets. The beaten. The workers riding buses to distant work places. “Left at 2.30 am, now 4.30 am another 1 hr and a half to go”.

An image of a policeman in a car interested me in its strength. It doesn’t live up to the idea of a perfect picture. Washed out in areas, an ugly distorted face stands out.

Fragments of bodies and lives. “real and truthful”. avoiding the spectacle for more important subjects. It doesn’t over sell. Captions provide the basic information but that basic information also works as a knife that cuts.


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