Wolfgang Tillmans

Finished the W.T. book. Pictures both ordinary and extraordinary. At the same time. Sex/objects/still/lives/people. Artless/Arty. Show don’t tell. Relaxed and comfortable with his own vision. With those around him. Their lives. Rough and ready. Glossy, smooth and considered. embracing dichotomies. High art/Low Art. Diarist? Abstractor? Moving through ideas and techniques yet anchored, holding to key points but moving too. around them? with them? developing. Moving along a line. a continuum. the past not neglected.

The book talks much about Tillman and the way in which he exhibits. The process for development. Clusters of images. Framed or tacked or taped. The use of images from throughout the body of his work/life. New combinations. Images re-occur in new relationships. His play with gallery spaces. grids/associations/loops of memory/constellations. Seeing an exhibition brings home the range of scales and the multi-layer nature of the work. At the Serpentine there were also display cases with scrap books/clippings/adverts.

These are exciting ideas and possibilities. Potential and freedom. Multi levels. Beautiful stand alone images that combine into a mass, into an image bank. It is powerful to see somebody with the will to experiment and play with photography. To make the pictures he wants, not images that look like how photographs are “meant” to be.


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