Exercise: Rhythms and patterns.

Rhythm and pattern.

As requested I took two pictures, one of rhythm and the second, pattern. Rhythm creates more direction within an image. It leads the eye across the photography. It can work as a line. Pattern is less dynamic. The pattern suggests it will continue outside the frame, that prehaps we don’t need to explore the image further. We expect it to be replicated inside and beyond the frame. The two elements are similar using repetition but with different results. I also made two pictures of one object to experiment, to see the effect. I thought it might better demonstrate the effects. I am not sure it does but the two images work together. The combination of overview and detail. There seems to be a strong link to other elements of design. Rhythm has close links to lines, and patterns to the use and qualities of points.


Rhythm and pattern.


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Filed under Exercise, July 2011

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