Cut with the Dada Kitchen Knife through the Last Weimar Beer-Belly Cultural Epoch in German

On a rainy day in Berlin we sheltered in the New National Gallery in Berlin. There were some good pieces and some I felt a little cheated by, however amongst it all was Hannah Hoch’s photomontage. The first thing you notice is the size (114 x 90 cm.) Pictures in books don’t carry the scale, its easy to imagine it as only A4 or tiny somehow. This changes the image. It is something to explore. For the eye to wander. Always something new to see. The deconstruction and rebuilding of a society. Political and funny. The browning paper, a feeling of decay about it. Amongst all these well-preserved paintings and prints it had life. It felt in motion, the jumbled images and the passage of time. There is energy, it doesn’t feel as if Hoch spent time looking for archival quality paper, there was a sheet of paper, images and passion. A feeling of getting on with things. Of Now! To make the image not for it to last in the market place but just for the making of an image. Another point in the continuum of speed and contemplation.

I think this image and others seen recently have caused me to think again about image size. I did feel that large images have tinges of boardroom and statements of power. The Under der Linden of photography. Under der Linden a street of power architecture, state and capital formed as buildings to intimidate and bully. Large images can be this but they do not have to be.


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