Exercise: Implied Lines

Implied Lines

The lines implied in these pictures reflect elements of power in the picture. The matador, small and fragile is supported by a very direct line. The bull has missed its target the matador is pushed toward the core of the action. The heart of the bull. In the second the man is almost surrounded by the power of the horses. Their direction encircles him. He only has one direction. They have more.

Implied Lines.

Tried to show the implied lines within these pictures. There are some lines but they are not as strong or dynamic as those  from the work book. There is less direction and energy about them, they are a different aesthetic. They are calmer pictures, lines are straighter and less powerful in force. However even weaker lines can be obvious. Especially in the second picture the lines no longer seem implied. The line made by the top of the windows etc. They are not direct lines. Perhaps I am looking for something too subtle. There are different degrees of implication. Looking now at the second picture there is a line I missed, theone suggested by the sightline of the figure outside the train. It almost compliments the lines of perspective generated by the corridor.

Eye-line & line that points.

The eye-line can be very direct and obvious but it can also be suggested, I felt that the suggestion of a figure with hints towards the appropriate direction creat a sight line between the two points. The figure and the candle. The figure could almost be a shadow of the person. Lines that point again can have degrees of subtlety and directness. The line of the table pushes the eye toward the figure. Moves attention to that section of the image. The iron acts almost as an arrow directing the eye upwards, giving a right angle to the line implied in this photograph.


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