Exercise: Lines



When producing the lines I seemed to be drawn to certain types of image. There are quite direct. They are not constructed by suggested images. Frame orientation adds to these general elements reinforcing them. The same objects can provide either set of lines but we need to include clues and hints to suggest the orientation. The frame is one but  other elements, background or foreground, other objects help us to make sense of the pictures. Context. I have also include some additional images. The images above are lines but they are not lines in images? They are images of lines. As such they don’t give me a chance to examine the elements lines create in the wider picture. In the images below the line is in the picture interacting with other graphic elements.

In these images the lines are part of the image. They are not images of lines. In this way they creat new elements.

More Horizontal

In these images the horizontal elements act as divisions. In the first of the above it divides the picture between the reality and the reflection. In the second the horizontal lines narrow the picture. It narrows the image and focuses attention on the main element of the picture i.e. the figure. They also add another element, a tension to the image. It could be candid or also slightly suspenseful. The hidden viewer, a technique often used in cinema to suggest a watcher. Bringing the watcher into view. I don’t feel the image as that horror element but it shares similar elements.


More Vertical

In the first, the image of the chair the vertical elements push the viewer’s eye upwards and makes the image unbalanced. This reinforces the idea that the chairs are in a precarious position. The eye is led to the upper half of the image, to the top of the chairs and the meeting points of walls and roof. Although the lines of chairs take up much of the image the centre of the picture is forced up their line and repetition toward the roof. The line in the second picture separates the image drawing a line between the empty street and peaceful houses and the energy of the street, the circles of wheels and traffic and lights. The line slices through the image and helps to suggest an inside and an outside, and tells a story of shelter and rain. It suggests protection without showing a roof, inside looking out.

In other sections of this part of the course book I will try to place the requested shapes within an image.


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