@ The Tate (Modern): Japanese Photography and the Bauhaus

Yes all these exhibitions were on at the same time. This was the last I visited on the day so my eyes weren’t so fresh. However there were many beautiful images in this room. The images printed at a small and personal size showed a wonderful use of light and shadow, strong and dynamic. Some seemed almost to glow. Light passing through glass fruit dishes on a table. And a picture of a building through a window. They were simple and powerful. Different angles. An image of the shadow of a lamp. Abstracting the subject into something new. The shadow becoming more real than the object.

There were images that stay with me. But in some ways they also seemed dated. Of a time period. Is this the use of b&w? the size? The perspectives and experiments that have become neglected or clichéd. The experimentation? The fashions? The modernist in the past? A strong style? The emulsion?

I would like to see these images again. They were beautiful and experimental and I am unsure how this sits with the age of the pictures, the datedness. The fact they don’t seem timeless but of a time. There is a lot to learn from them the glow, the use of light, the experimentation and play.

There are no pictures from this show on the Tate website, which is a pity. A reminder would be useful, to see the images and think again about them. Too much time has passed.

NOTE: This term dated doesn’t fit with how I remember the pictures but it was as near as I could get when I was writing the words above. I am still trying to find the right word. Somehow I think not dated but ghostly. The glow and luminosity of utopian ideas has turned with hindsight into traces and  perhaps otherworldly lights? And this places the images in the past?


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