Having finished the first section of the course I will be taking a little break from the blog but I’ll still be working on the exercises. Will update later

I have been reading the book “Your Assignment: Photography” which has been an interesting read and makes a nice change from the course book. A different approach to learning photography with lots of experimentation.  Playful. The book collects assignments looking at different elements  from a range of educators.

One of these is:

“Set up a system where time is the criteria for making the exposure

Investigate what happens when you creat a system for exposing images that is based on pre-determined intervals of time. These intervals can be as short as a minute or can extend to days, months or even years. Allow the moment to take control, resisting the urge to decide yourself. The object is to break-up pre-existing notions of what you think makes a “good picture.”

For the next couple of weeks I intend to make the time of 10:01 to be my fixed point and will try to make an image at this point and document this time.

The project sounds fun and it will be interesting to see how the images come together and work as a whole.

All the books in the series are interesting and highly recommended.


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