Exercise: Positioning a point.


This exercise seemed to involve many of the conclusions reached in the previous exercise placing objects in the frame. I can’t really justify why I placed the point here or there, it’s what the exercise requested. It does give me a chance not to justify but to examine/see the different dynamics of points in a frame. The way in which the eye follows the point and divides the page through it. A horizon and a vertical appear from the point and radiate outwards. Cross-hairs/reticle. The way that these divisions are weakened by being too close to an edge. The cross-hairs no longer flow through the point.

Clicking on the hand written area should enlarge it…..


There also seems to be a different relationship between subject and frame when the image is in the vertical? Do the centre pictures somehow seem less static? A different kind of space for the point to work in?



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Filed under Exercise, June 2011

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