Cropping Pt2

This was an interesting exercise. Not really in the new pictures that emerged from the old pictures. I didn’t feel they were so successful. They did however reveal to me more about the dynamics of the image. The cropping of the image, the change showed to me the way in which they did or didn’t work. The way in which the internal dynamics of the image changed as they were cropped. The absence and removal revealed the flows of the original. The images were a little rushed but they had something that I saw through the viewfinder. The crop often broke this and revealed it.

The subconscious already works with many of the points covered in the exercises. These exercises seem designed to bring them into the conscious. Is this always a good thing? Can we construct and control the whole image? Are there not always details outside our control? Prehaps these details make the picture? Can we see everything? Do we see everything and in fact include it?

I was reading an interview with the photographer David Goldblatt in the British Journal of Photography (May 2011 /Vol. 158/P.48)

“But the actual process of putting it together in the form of a framed bit of reality is, for me, both deliberate and subliminal. Deliberate in the sense that mostly I work with a large view camera, so I compose quite deliberately on the ground. But even when I’ve worked with 35mm, I’ve done much the same thing. I look quite carefully at what I’m photographing, it seems right and I then take the photograph. And very often I find there are things happening, particularly around the edge of the frame, that are just there. I didn’t see them or I didn’t really register in the way that I should have done, had I been a very careful and deliberate photographer. At first they used to irritate me and I would crop them out, because I accept that they were part of my subliminal awareness and quite often, the fact they were there – they’re almost like the sand in the oyster, they irritate and that’s funny, I don’t mind that”

I like this approach.

Design and thought are essential but so is the accident and the things we see but don’t.


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