Exercise: Vertical and Horizontal

This exercise ask for a number of photographs to be taken of subjects in the vertical and horizontal. The same subject was to be taken twice. This was good practice to move away from the horizontal and to examine other options for the format of images. To break out of the “usual” and examine the other possibilities. The different positions of the camera sometimes suit different subjects. Tall objects in a vertical frame etc. However its important to examine the scene through the viewfinder and envisage the photograph you wish to take. It might be more natural to take it one way or another but this will affect what is shown. It might be obvious but good to remind myself of this. The vertical and horizontal choices need to be about what you want the picture to be. The different positions can add or remove details or elements of the picture. It can change the focus of the picture isolate an important element or provide context. These elements of isolation and context run through the exercises in this section of theĀ  work book. Try to hold these in mind they are the basis of the picture!

In the examples below the same subject becomes a very different image. The vertical frame tells more about the structure of the flyover. It’s a picture of a flyover. The horizontal frame is simplistically a picture of a curve.




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