Exercise: Cropping


demolition (crop)

Looking at the first picture it felt as if the first picture was distant from the action. And in that picture I wanted to remove the lights at the bottom of the picture. When I took them out the foreground lost its weight. The picture seemed flat and there was no contrast to dust and water in the demolition site. The vertical frame removed blank areas from the frame.


bingley (crop)

I cropped this picture closer to the figures. I felt they were lost in the mass of the picture overwhelmed by the bushes. Yet I wanted to include the detail of gate and bandstand. It changes the dynamic of the picture. The first picture has the motion of the road curving across it, it meets with the line of people/gate/bandstand. The cropped picture just has the line (people/gate/bandstand). The houses behind the wall seem to have risen up too and now they demand more attention.


j (crop)

I cropped this picture closer to the face…removed some of the blank wall at the back. more focus on the face. I liked the space in the first picture but wanted to experiment by place a 4:3 crop on the picture. The head now seems drawn and long. The face fills the picture in a central area. reduced tension? motion? Notes said square picture was less dynamic but the long picture seems stuck/imprisoned? The first has space to move and breath. Here mugshot aesthetic?


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