Exercise: Positioning the horizon


It was difficult to find a horizon that was clear enough to work on this exercise. There’s always a lot going on….. I would have liked to find a view that was more inspiring. Constraints of travel and time. However I grabbed these shots to at least get a feel for the interplay of ground and sky. As such I didn’t feel as if any of the photographs were so successful but it is possible to see some of the effects and differences that can be achieved through the balance of the two element. These relationships creat different points of interest. The importance of the grass at the front, the towers of the city or the clouds. The city in the distance becomes more important with reduction of the foreground. The pictures with greater depth in the foreground seem to creat a greater feeling of distance. Space stretches out before us. Some of the later ones cut elements of the picture creating a broken feeling….that a better vantage point would have improved the picture, they are fussy remains. The decapitated trees and the remains of the stump poking into the frame.

Lines of division across the image. Try to consider all the elements. Try and think about what you are taking a picture of and how to draw the eye to it. How these elements interchange and balance and work together. Move the camera up and down and tilt and angle. They all create different effects and underline the subject.


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Filed under Exercise, May 2011

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