Exercise: Focal lenghts and different viewpoints

150 mm followed by 40 mm

The zoom lens, although allowing access to greater distances also has a change of quality in the image. It’s not just nearer or further.  The first image looks fine but the image is flattened. Angles and clues to perspective, the 3D clues are softer. There’s a lack of depth. In the second objects have more substance, the physicality is more present. Ridges stand out, the grain of the wood. Along the shelf on the second the eye is drawn along the surface, it seems to go away from the eye, but in the first it doesn’t have this draw. As if it’s a flat plane. The shadowy edge of the shelf is a good point to notice this. On the first it appears almost to be a strip of black along the white of the self, on the second it has more definition as a plane at a right angle to the top.

It would appear to be a flaw to the telephoto lens. But it could be another tool….Internet Suggestions: use to bring together objects in the fore and back ground. Bringing them together. Or in fashion or portrait photography to creat “flattering” images. (And the other way round too? For a rugged look use a short lens).

Would this creat a more “paintly” look???


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