Exercise: Object in different positions in the frame

Object in different positions in the frame.

I took four photographs with the object at different positions in the frame. The first picture was without thought but it turned out ” a little way from the centre”. I took an edge and a corner picture to make up the four. My favourite is the “centre” picture. With this subject matter and compared to the other pictures it works the best. I can see how it could reduce the background, but in this image it’s not important. I think my favourite would be the “a little from the centre” option if only it was a little higher up. The images with the object at the edge is the least effective. The wall dominates. The corner picture also clings to the edge of the picture but it dominates the frame. Through its height in the frame it holds its own against the space and sets up a strong diagonal across the picture from top right to bottom left. It seems almost sinister. Spying even with closed eyes. The position of an object in the frame can help to strengthen the image. By reinforcing or removing the power from an object depending on the role you want them to play within the image.

The “Rice Framer” image from the coursework has a different dynamic. With the figure in the top right  and the central positioned crop the picture seems to work less well. The crop that places the figure at the bottom right seems to give the figure’s gaze the greatest range. The position of the person’s form draws our eyes to the left. With this crop our eyes have space to explore. The other crops seem to lack this and the picture’s power is reduced. If the picture was used as the full frame this would also work. The space is still there, the eye has room to travel.


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