Exercise: Fitting the frame to the subject

Conventional/With Care/To the Edges/Scene (Originals/Crop 1/Crop 2)

I took the four photos as requested. I also made a couple of sets with other crops. The images roughly fitted with the proportions of the images of the ferry in handbook. This exercise gave insight into the role that the framing plays. The way the viewers attention is affected by the frame and the position of the object in the frame. In the last of the pictures, the scene setting, this was brought home. The  two cropped versions seem stronger images. More direction to them (esp in crop 2), there seems to be a triangle between bottle, chair and door. The original image seems cluttered. Other crops were less successful. The first “conventional” version is the one I like best.

I wanted to try and use colour in this project. But it seemed not to work. It created another level of importance with things. Esp. certain areas that I didn’t “see” prior to taking the photos. As b&w pictures the things I didn’t see demand less attention than they would in colour. Need to see the details first! See what’s in the viewfinder! All of it? Think. Don’t rush. These are notes to myself.

I haven’t looked too much at the Freeman book, have had some trouble working with some of the ideas in there. Trying to understand the process of directions and importance and movement. Still not sure how to apply them in taking the photo…however this exercise helped to show these tensions and motions. They seem a little less alien to me.


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