Exercise: Focal length and angle of views

Exercise: Focal length and angle of view (standard/wide/telephoto)

As requested I took the three photos and compared them in situ. This exercise gave me a chance to examine the relationship between camera and eye and distance. It is beyond closer/further etc and helps joins the dots beyond camera and image, and includes the eye and bi-focal sight. The angle of view reveals itself in this exercise comparing that of my own and of the lenses. As the focal length increases so the angle of view reduces. It also shows how different lenses and settings include and exclude, and points towards the working of light/lens/sensor and the angles involved. The standard view was the only image that could be comfortably viewed  as requested in comparison to the actual view.

The wide-angle lens gives the greatest depth to the image and the telephoto image the least, appearing quite flat, lacking visual clues to its three-dimensional nature. I found that my standard lens did not quite reach the point where the camera and the eye balanced. But my zoom lens did, when set at its almost lowest focal length around 45mm.


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